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welcome to Out Of The Box, a new-born blog to share ideas, thoughts and bizarre stories and curiosities.

Just to give you an example: did you know that in Australia there are more Kangaroos than people? Isn’t that incredible? But this is just an example, so put fresh batteries in your FM radios and tune them to our channel!

If you are wondering who’s giving a voice to this blog, the answer is Furnys, a startup that takes the hassle out of moving, offering an easier way to buy and sell second hand furniture while moving.

And who’s behind Furnys? Elisa and Mario, two young Italians arrived in Australia by chance that try to divide their hearts between Pizza and Vegemite.

After moving a lot between different cities and experiencing every time the hassle of leaving the old house and refurnishing the new one, they decided that something had to change.

Expats, students, nomads, your aren’t alone anymore!

Should we add more? Feel free to ask anything in the comments or contact us at

Thank you for being brave enough to read this article until the end.

And remember, we are almost ready to annoy you with the next one.



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