Hola amigos, this week our trip continues in one of the longest countries in the world, Chile!

But before starting, did you enjoy the little introduction about the “7 things we discovered about Melbourne and Australia” last week?

Chile is very different from Australia, it’s a beautiful place in South America where everything shines: sea, mountains, volcanoes, deserts and more.

But let’s have a look at the 5 things that really make it unique.


If you have a chance to spend time with a Chilean, you won’t forget it. They always have a beautiful smile on their face, being able to make your day great in every situation! No matter what you’re doing with them, they’ll touch your arms, your shoulders, your head, your heart! It can happen in Chile that a minute after meeting them you are in their house sharing a meal and chilling together between a dance and a shot of “Pisco”.

Pisco? Don’t you know it? Pisco Sour is the most loved Chilean liquor that a real Chilean drinks every day! It’s one of the things they miss the most when they go abroad because it’s really hard to find out of their country. By the way, coming back to Chileans, they connect more than anyone else with people, and this is what makes them so genuine and lovely!


If you’re a Spanish speaker and have no worries about the language, you should! If there is something that Spanish speakers can’t understand, it’s Chilean Spanish. It isn’t their official language but a really important part of their cultural identity.

If your are planning to go to Chile, you should train your hearing and your memory to these words:

“WEON” can be defined the National Chilean Word. It can have a positive meaning, a bad meaning and a really really bad meaning. Everything depends on the tone of  your voice and on how many times you say that word. If you hear Weon 3 times in a row, this should be considered as a red flag!

Another important word to memorize is “Cachai” which means something like “Did you get me?”. Spanish has nothing to do with it, but if you think of the English word “catch”, the meaning will probably be more clear.

We left on purpose at the end the last word you must know before going to Chile, “PO”. We did that because Chileans say it almost every time at the end of every sentence. Yes, po. No, po! Especially after a question, this little word can make a difference in Chile!If you’re keen to learn more about Chilean Spanish, we suggest you to have a look at this interesting article “10 Most Common Chilean Slang Words”.


Chileans are very party people, every occasion is perfect to celebrate something. One of the things you can’t miss is the “Carnival Mil Tambores”, one of the most important cultural festival in Chile. It lasts for 3 days and usually starts the first Sunday of October. During this festival, people are in the streets dancing and enjoying the celebration with the sounds of thousands of drums in the background. It was first born in Valparaiso as a protest to defend public spaces that people wanted to develop. Nowadays is a way to celebrate the culture and the art of that place attracting people from all over Chile and also outside.

Another important festivity is the Chilean Day, the 18th of September. In this occasion, they celebrate their independence from Spain (1810). It can lasts for an entire week depending on when it falls. Mandatory to this celebration are happiness, dancing capabilities and a Chilean Flag!

Carnival Mil tambores Chile
Mil tambores Carnival


Empanadas are a must try in all the Latin world but the ones you can have in Chile will be different from the others. Chile is surrounded by sea, this is why seafood is so common and so delicious, even inside the Empanadas. Ceviche, mussels, salmon fillet are the best for seafood.

Also meat in Chile deserves to be tried and to be tried alone without any salads which would be seen as an insult to this precious food. Chile, Uruguay and Argentina have their own way to cook meat which make it one of the most famous and delicious.


Chile is the longest country in the world. This is why if you travel through Chile you’ll see a lot of different landscapes and climates. The only constant is the Andes mountain range which crosses all Chile and separates it from Argentina. In the North of Chile you can find the “Atacama desert” one of the most fascinating places, where you can’t miss San Pedro de Atacama.

Others places to keep in your lists are: Valle del Elqui, Conguillio National Park, Puerto Varas, Torres del Paine and Valparaiso. The last one is just one hour far from Santiago and it’s one of the most colorful cities in the world. From there you can admire beautiful sunsets especially from the little hidden gem of Las Docas.

Beautiful glacier in Chile
Torres del Paine National Park, Chile


Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
Do you need more reasons to pack your things and visit Chile?

If so read  the “Reasons you should visit Chile” if not, have a great time down there and send us some beautiful photos!


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